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mobile: 07818113807

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Here's a little bit about me....

Picture of J. Storer's ugly mug Though largely self-taught now, some years ago now, I lay the foundations for learning web design by embarking on a home-study CIW course in Web Design & Management. This taught me the basics such as hand-coding html, css, basic javascript and managing projects. Then, passing various exams, I became a CIW Webmaster, CIW Professional and CIW Web Design Specialist. From there, I have continued to develop and expand my skills - to include PHP, SEO and mobile optimisation - while leaning towards specialisation in HTML, PHP and CSS.

Besides my CIW qualifications, I have an A-level in Art and an OND in Graphic Design, so my claim to an artistic and creative streak is somewhat qualified! As already suggested, I enjoy hand-coding websites as much as possible for both better control over the process and easier de-bugging (identifying problems and putting them right) as opposed to over-reliance on web design tools or online website builders. Nevertheless, I am familiar with online site builders, which some clients come to me having already used but have reached a point where they really want the professional touch.

I hope this miniature autobiography and brief insight into my skills leads you to feel I am the guy you want to have design or re-design and build your website. Or, indeed, that I am the guy you'd like to hand some work to in order to ease your workload! In either case, get in touch!

Thanks for reading, and maybe I'll be hearing from you.