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Terms of Service

  1. General - including Privacy Policy
    To start, this site does not use cookies, and SWD does not currently use cookies on any sites it produces and does not share any information with third parties. The privacy of all clients is of paramount importance and if any client should have specific privacy requests beyond the privacy policy adopted, SWD respects that request.

  2. Content/Site Management.
    As of this year, 2016, ongoing content management will be chargeable, though quick edits may still be made for free; any fees will be in accordance with the work involved; where a fee is applicable, the minimum amount is £20.00.

  3. Domains and Hosting
    As of 2016, any domains and hosting that are handled (arranged and purchased) by Storer Web Design, will be of additional cost to that of the website itself along with a nominal administration fee. For domains, there will then be a renewal fee each year or every other year or more depending on the option chosen from those available from the vendor. An invoice will be sent, via email, to the client when this fee is due. For hosting, the first year is included in fees of £300 or more, however, thereafter, a yearly invoice will be sent out for £20.00 for hosting administration.

  4. Terms of Payment
    Projects that will be ongoing, in which a site is being developed over time as content becomes available and/or as new pages are required, will be charged in instalments after significant work has been done. If a project has been given an estimate, an invoice for partial payment may be sent - for example, if there is a delay in content being provided.

  5. For sites that have content ready to go in and required pages are decided upon before hand, clients are invoiced for the site once it is completed to the client's satisfaction and is published on the internet. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.

  6. Important things to note.
    Should payment not be forthcoming after 14 days of a website going live, I reserve the right to remove the site from the internet until payment is made. Reminders for payment will be issued, as necessary, during this 14-day period to ensure the client has every opportunity to make payment before such action would be taken. Removing the site from the internet does not involve the permanent deleting of any files or any content integral to the website's existence, only the prevention of public access to the site.

  7. I reserve the right to, at any time, withdraw my services if a client requests content that involves any form or degree of subject matter that is or may be unlawful or that I deem inappropriate in any way. If an amount of work has been done prior to such requests, I reserve the right to invoice the client for the work undertaken while stopping further work until an arrangement can be reached.

  8. My web design services DO NOT include advertising or promotion of websites beyond making them search- engine-friendly. All advertising, marketing etc for a site or business is the sole responsibility of the client.

Any further clarification on any of the Ts & Cs listed above, don't hesitate to get in touch and let me know your query! (Last updated 2/2/2016)